New Darren and Mia pictures @ Coachella!
Awesome new Darren photoshoot and interview!
New Chris and Will pics from Pussy Riot reception!
Did you spot Will on Glee? That's right, he's been an extra on the show on the past two episodes!

Anonymous asked:
to add on to what you said about miarren not moving into together/whatever: a family friend of ours were together for 11 years before they got married. I think they lived separately too.

Yeah, I know of a few similar cases too! Thank you!

Anonymous asked:
Can you tell us how Will look in person?


So hot! He’s so much better in person, seriously I was impressed. 

When I saw him his hair were soo high and he had that hot stubble and that cute smile tsdfhojap I was impressed by his body too 

somecoughsyruptoeasethepain replied to your post “So…I very randomly just made a Mia sideblog”

You’re blogs are all organization porn omfg! All the tags!!!

haha thanks :) I try to keep them organized yeah, I think it’s important :)

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Anonymous asked:
Will you pleeeeeease tell the story of Will winking at you?


Oh Gosh, okay lol ((again, sorry for my english))
as I said before I was sitting in the last row in the cinema (during Chris’ Q&A) and WIll was standing right behind me. So, it was a little bit dark in the room, but I wanted to take a pic of him filming Chris sooo bad. I turned a bit to take a pic of him but I forgot to turn off the flash so… I almost blinded him haha
He looked at me with his arms crossed and, ya know, he was like >_>
I thought I disturbed him so I looked at him so sorry and I made an expression of regret and then… he laughed ‘cause he saw I was really worried? and he winked at me haha
And this is the embarrassing story of how I met Will Sherrod HAHA


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When you’re scared and alone, just know that I’m already home.

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When you’re scared and alone, just know that I’m already home.

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meet chris colfer
inspired by (x)

(click here for the darren one)

It’s a science museum in LA, not an actual airport. :)

ahhhhh hahaha I feel so dumb x) I thought he went away for the weekend or something lmao ok but science museum sounds exactly like the type of thing those two dorks would love to go to.

Anonymous asked:
some people are so rude to you. i just wanted to let you know i think you're lovely and i envy your patience for dealing w/ those rude ass people.

Thank you! I usually don’t post most of the hate I get but once in awhile I just have to reply haha It’s all good though, they honestly don’t affect me at all ;)

Ok but where did Chris go (or where is he going, I guess?) and WHO WANTS TO BET THE “US” IS HIM AND WILL?

Anonymous asked:
also when you have been long distance you don't just jump into living together because you have to get used to even being in the same city like??? klaine displayed that perfectly and they were only apart for a year????




kuriozgirl asked:
Nice thought challenge: once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send to your five favourite followers

Oh my this super nice but also so difficult! Under the cut:

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